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Our Stories

  • Bessy
    My hope is to raise awareness for Autism and funds to help families and individu... more
  • Norma
     I'm walking for my 8 year old Daugther with Autism.  more
  • David
    If you are here, you already know that Ian was diagnosed with Autism six years a... more
  • Heidi
    I am walking for the most amazing and inspirational child I know.  Even tho... more
  • Tekenna
     Written by mom, Holly MacKay:  I'm walking because I, among many oth... more
  • Nicolle
    To show our Love & Support to our Son , all of those on the spectrum , thei... more
  • Shelley
     I am walking because I have a cousin who has Autism. He is a sweet loving ... more
  • Corinne
    I am walking for my son Brady. He is an amazing little boy and I am excited to b... more
  • Aydon
    We are once again walking because our adventure with Autism started when Aydon w... more
  • samantha
     I am walking to give a voice to my son . To help people  Understand ... more
  • Rose & Barry
    Team Heidi more
  • Jennifer
     Ciaran was diagnosed shortly after the age of two, and has made great stri... more
  • Amy
    I walk for my son Hazen. He is the light of my life. more
  • Nicole
    Though our boys have not been formally diagnosed we know our boys are on the spe... more
  • Karen
     I am walking to support my son Ian and all others with ASD.  Ian rece... more
  • James
    Im walking for both of my children more
  • Jolene
    My son Aiden was diagnosed at 2 with PDD-NOS and he will be 7 this september.&nb... more
  • Madelaine
    In December 2012, our 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism.  Since... more
  • Rhonda
    I am walking for my two beautiful children, Lauren and Alex, who are both autist... more
  • Carrie
    I love my Big Sister.  Help me raise money to help other families living wi... more

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