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Our Stories

  • Elizabeth
    We chose to walk this year (our second time!) as our young daughter, Rowan Avalo... more
  • Johnathon
    My Best friend Kristian has Autism and we made a team called KRISTIAN'S DRE... more
  • Kathy
    Ariel is our reason to walk...She is a bright shining star and she brings so muc... more
  • Doreen
    Do you need to ask WHY??  just look at the face of this wonderful boy! ... more
  • Crystal
     I am walking for my non verbal 4 year old daughter Chloe. she was diagnose... more
  • Christine
    Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders have many virtues to offer our communi... more
  • Melissa
    I have worked with children who have sparked soemthing in me, who have touched m... more
  • Austin and Owen
    We are walking to support people that have autism and their families.  We a... more
  • Caelin
    Join me in continuting to make a difference! Wether you wish to step out and wal... more
  • Danny
    I'm proud to be a part of an annual event that hopes to raise the right kind of ... more
  • Janean
    To continue to raise awareness for Autism and celebrate all of Kolton's success ... more
  • Bessy
    My hope is to raise awareness for Autism and funds to help families and individu... more
  • Chris
    I’m walking for my nephew Owen who has been diagnosed with autism I apprec... more
  • Rhonda
    I am walking for my two beautiful children, Lauren and Alex, who are both autist... more
  • Amy
    I walk for my son Hazen. He is the light of my life. more
  • Tabetha
    I'm walking because there's this kid... He's pretty amazing you see, he lights u... more
  • Brittany
     I am walking for my son, Matthew. He is 5 and was diagonised almost 3 year... more
  • Nicolle
    To show our Love & Support to our Son , all of those on the spectrum , thei... more
  • donna
    We are Walking for our DAUGHTER :) more
  • Kelly Marianne
     I found out when I was 21 that I was on the autism spectrum and this is my... more


  • Fundraising Totals
    We left a little extra time for people to bring in their pledges this year before announcing the totals on the website because of the rain, but here they are! Congratulations to everyone for making 2014 Walk the Walk for Autism a HUGE success!!!

    Donations are still be accepted online, and people are still bringing in their pledges – please bring in any outstanding donations you have and help this number grow even more!

Great things are happening!