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Our Stories

  • Nicole
    Though our boys have not been formally diagnosed we know our boys are on the spe... more
  • Tammy
    We are out walking to show our support to our son Cooper. more
  • Chantal
     I am walking for my 14 year old daughter Amber. She was diagnosed with hig... more
  • Norma
     I'm walking for my 9 year old Daugther with Autism.  more
  • Cameron
     I love swimming and I am goog at it. I am learning to skate and having a g... more
  • Doreen
    To help bring awareness and understanding to ASD, and for one of my favorite peo... more
  • Zander
     I have a few great friends and family close to my heart who have been touc... more
  • Nicole
    A lot of people don't know that autism hits me very close to home, and to my hea... more
  • Henryetta
     We're walking to not only support our little guy but to also support all t... more
  • Matthew
     I was diagnosed with Aspergers and I have walked the Walk for Autism for a... more
  • Jenna
    My husband Kris, daughter Julia and I (Jenna) are walking to support "our b... more
  • Crystal
     I am walking for my non verbal 6 year old daughter Chloe. she was diagnose... more
  • Natalie
     We are walking for our boys Logan and Owen both diagnosed with autism to h... more
  • Nicolle
    To show our Love & Support to our Son , all of those on the spectrum , thei... more
  • Lenore
    For our son John and all others who are affected by Autism.  more
  • Jamie
     As many of you don't know our sweet baby boy Chase was diagnosed with Auti... more
  • Tammy
      I'm walking for my son Xander  He was diagnosis at 2 1/2 yrs old wi... more
  • Laura
    I am walking for my beautiful little miracle Chloe. She was diagnosed with autis... more
  • Bob
     To support those with autism more
  • Melissa
    The walk is the only fundraiser for Pictou County Children with Autism Associati... more

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