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Our Stories

  • Anne-Marie
    This year I'm walking in honour of the 'ausome' friends, family, teachers, neigh... more
  • Peggy
     We are walking for our daughter Alyssa. We are also walking for Autism awa... more
  • Jackson
     I'm 2 1/2 years old  Diagnosed with ASD March 31, 2016 I like playi... more
  • Crystal
    As most of you know, my oldest boy, Steven is Autistic. This fundraiser has alwa... more
  • Joel
    Our son Wyatt was diagnosed with Autism in January 2013, I am walking for him an... more
  • Cameron
    I love to run & walk so why not do it for a cause. My Nanny is an EA & m... more
  • Erin
    I'm walking because many of the families I work with have found help and support... more
  • Holly
    I will walk along side of Tekenna, my heart and soul. Tekenna was diagnosed with... more
  • Hughena & Stan
    We are walking for our Grandson Emmett because he is brilliant,beautiful and the... more
  • colby
    We are walking towards freedom and independence for our son. To join t... more
  • Ashley
    Im walking for my son Alex , He was diagnosed at 3 With autism, He was not talki... more
  • Nicolle
    To show our Love & Support to our Son , all of those on the spectrum , thei... more
  • donna
    We are Walking for our DAUGHTER :) more
  • Madelaine
    At the age of 4, our daughter Hallie was diagnosed with Autism, Anxiety, and a N... more
  • Aydon
    We are once again walking because our adventure with Autism started when Aydon w... more
  • faye
    Support The Fabulous Falls fundraise for this wonderful event and thanks:) Faye... more
  • Robyn
    I'm walking for individuals on the Autism Spectrum across the lifespan and their... more
  • Jolene
    My son Aiden was diagnosed at 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and he will ... more
  • Kyle/Brandon
      The Avery family will walk to ensure that the programs and services for ... more
  • Alex
    We are walking for our son Emmett, who has just been newly diagnosed. His world ... more

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