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Our Stories

  • Tabetha
    I'm walking because there's this kid... He's pretty amazing you see, he lights u... more
  • Elizabeth
    We chose to walk this year (our second time!) as our young daughter, Rowan Avalo... more
  • Sherry
    Cole, my son, was diagnosed at the age of 2 1/2. I am walking for him, and ... more
  • Tanya
     This cause that is so dear to my heart, on June 15th, I am walking fo... more
  • Jessica
     To let the world see that children who have autism grow into beautiful bra... more
  • Joanne
    I'm walking for my wonderful son Daniel! more
  • Doreen
    Do you need to ask WHY??  just look at the face of this wonderful boy! ... more
  • Valarie
    My son, Carson was diagnosed with Autism May 2012 at age 3. Currently, there is ... more
  • Norma Jean
    I am walking to help raise awareness for Autism,as i have a 6 year old Daugther ... more
  • Billy
     To raise money and awareness for those affected by Autism today. Thank you... more
  • Olivia
     I am walking for all of the individuals on the spectrum, I have had the ab... more
  • Paige
     I am walking for my youngest son Ethan. Ethan was diagnosed with ASD at th... more
  • Holly
     We will walk along side of Tekenna, our heart and soul. Tekenna was diagno... more
  • Beverly
    I have a grandson who is austistic  and I see how difficult  their lif... more
  • Mary
    This is the 4th year that we are participating in the Walk.  We enjoy it so... more
  • Christopher
     I am walking because I am autistic. I am on the team with my cousin Ethan ... more
  • Anne-Marie
    Last year was our first year participating in the walk and it was great to be pa... more
  • Angela
    Why I walk...For Faber, For Nika...for all children with Autism. You are ea... more
  • Kaylie
    The purpose of this amazing fundraiser is mainly to support those with autism an... more
  • Tiyona
    I'm 9 years old and I have autism. I want people like me to be able to do a... more

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