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Our Stories

  • Katie
    I'm walking the walk this year in support of one of the most amazing little girl... more
  • Kim, Violet & Flynn
     We are walking for our cousin Ian. We love watching him grow and learn and... more
  • Greg
     Zachary Taylor! This little man is my biggest reason for walking! Zack is ... more
  • Heidi
    First and most importantly, I am walking for my 8 year old son Kristian!  H... more
  • Stephen
    Because we have seen the potentional these kids/young adults have. more
  • Wanda
     I walk because the most precious little boy this mother could ever dream o... more
  • Crystal
     I am walking for my non verbal 4 year old daughter Chloe. she was diagnose... more
  • Doreen
    Do you need to ask WHY??  just look at the face of this wonderful boy! ... more
  • Nancy
    For my Grandson. more
  • Angela
    Why I walk...For Faber, For Nika...for all children with Autism. You are ea... more
  • Bessy
    My hope is to raise awareness for Autism and funds to help families and individu... more
  • Esther
    We are mainly walking for Lucas but also for all the other people who have ASD. more
  • Holly
     We will walk along side of Tekenna, our heart and soul. Tekenna was diagno... more
  • Teena
     For me, it's about participating in an inspirational event that increases ... more
  • Caelin
    Join me in continuting to make a difference! Wether you wish to step out and wal... more
  • Aydon
    We are once again walking because our adventure with Autism started when Aydon w... more
  • Kelly Marianne
     I found out when I was 21 that I was on the autism spectrum and this is my... more
  • Lenore
    For our son John and all others who are affected by Autism.  more
  • Susan
    I'm walking because my son Alexander bravely pursued a formal diagnosis of Autis... more
  • Amy
    I'm walking to support Ethan Ringer, the son of one of my best friends! more


  • Fundraising Totals
    We left a little extra time for people to bring in their pledges this year before announcing the totals on the website because of the rain, but here they are! Congratulations to everyone for making 2014 Walk the Walk for Autism a HUGE success!!!

    Donations are still be accepted online, and people are still bringing in their pledges – please bring in any outstanding donations you have and help this number grow even more!

Great things are happening!