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Our Stories

  • Isabella
    I am walking with my family and friends to help everyone in bridgewater see that... more
  • Shannon
    I am walking for a dear friend of mine whose son has Autism. I have seen firstha... more
  • Teena
     For me, it's about participating in an inspirational event that increases ... more
  • Tanya
     This cause that is so dear to my heart, on June 14th, I am walking fo... more
  • Ian
    I'm walking for my daughter Lauren and for all those families across the Provinc... more
  • Amber
    For the 3rd year in a row  I'm walking to support Autism Nova Sco... more
  • Madelaine
    In December 2012, our 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism.  Since... more
  • Austin and Owen
    We are walking to support people that have autism and their families.  We a... more
  • Sandy
    Charlotte will be walking (well, strolling) the Walk for Autism on Saturday, Jun... more
  • Melissa
    I have worked with children who have sparked soemthing in me, who have touched m... more
  • Beverly
    I have a grandson who is austistic  and I see how difficult  their lif... more
  • Brenda
     .. because in my daily life I help to enrich children's lives and in turn ... more
  • Nancy
    We are walking to help raise awareness and acceptance.  We are walking... more
  • Kaylie
    The purpose of this amazing fundraiser is mainly to support those with autism an... more
  • Lauren
    I'm walking so that even more children and their families can par... more
  • Doreen
    Do you need to ask WHY??  just look at the face of this wonderful boy! ... more
  • Pete
     Our family is walking to help raise autism awareness and funds to support ... more
  • Abigail
    My Brother's Best friend Kristian has Autism and we made a team called KRISTIAN'... more
  • Jessie
    I'm walking in support of my 5 year old nephew, Matthew! He is a child with Auti... more
  • Erin
    I'm walking because many of the families I work with have found help and support... more


  • Fundraising Totals
    We left a little extra time for people to bring in their pledges this year before announcing the totals on the website because of the rain, but here they are! Congratulations to everyone for making 2014 Walk the Walk for Autism a HUGE success!!!

    Donations are still be accepted online, and people are still bringing in their pledges – please bring in any outstanding donations you have and help this number grow even more!

Great things are happening!