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Our Stories

  • Laura
    I am walking for my beautiful little miracle Chloe. She was diagnosed with autis... more
  • Brittany
    I'm walking because someone that means the world to me is going threw something ... more
  • Jen
    On Saturday, June 13th, I am walking for autism awareness, autism education, and... more
  • Rhonda
    I am walking for my two beautiful children, Lauren and Alex, who are both autist... more
  • Teri
    I am walking in support of the many children and their wonderful families who ha... more
  • Dr. Lindsay
     Because we are inspired by the children and familes that we work with ... more
  • Linda
     Raven, her family and friends thank you for joining with us on our journey... more
  • Grace
    We are walking because as a family we deal with the blessings and challenges of ... more
  • Angela
    I am walking for my daughter, my BeckaBooBear.  I am walking for Becky... more
  • Crystal
     I am walking for my non verbal 6 year old daughter Chloe. she was diagnose... more
  • Jennifer
    I am walking for my son.  I am so proud of him for all his hard work with t... more
  • Chantal
     I am walking for my 13 year old daughter Amber. She was diagnosed with hig... more
  • Ian
    I'm walking for my daughter Lauren and for all those families across the Provinc... more
  • Peggy
     We are walking for our daughter Alyssa. We are also walking for Autism awa... more
  • faye
    Support The Fabulous Falls fundraise for this wonderful event and thanks:) Faye... more
  • Janet
     I have the amazing job of working with some pretty amazing kids who have a... more
  • Alex
    We are walking for our son Emmett, who has just been newly diagnosed. His world ... more
  • Dorian, Mandy & Jaxon
    We are walking for my little brother Wyatt. He has come so far the past year and... more
  • Brett
         This is my 6th year in the walk. It is good exercise and I... more
  • Susan
    I'm walking because in the 4 years since my son's diagnosis, my perspectives hav... more

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