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Our Stories

  • Jennifer
    I am walking for my son.  I am so proud of him for all his hard work with t... more
  • Jessica
     To let the world see that children who have autism grow into beautiful bra... more
  • Brittany
    I'm walking because someone that means the world to me is going threw something ... more
  • Skyler Wm.
    We are walking because our grandson, Skyler Wm. is the center of our lives. We g... more
  • Madelaine
    At the age of 4, our daughter Hallie was diagnosed with Autism, Anxiety, and a N... more
  • Kenneth
    We are all so very proud of our handsome "Grand Nephew" JOHN! any... more
  • Leah
     I, along with my husband Grant O'Hara, are walking for our son Nolan. Nola... more
  • Crystal
    As most of you know, my oldest boy, Steven is Autistic. This fundraiser has alwa... more
  • Cameron
     I am walking so that I can help my friends go to the Valley Summer Camp. I... more
  • Pete
     Our family is walking to help raise autism awareness and funds to support ... more
  • Matthew
     I was diagnosed with Aspergers and I have walked the Walk for Autism for a... more
  • Peter
    We are walking for our one and only Adam. more
  • Chantal
     I am walking for my 14 year old daughter Amber. She was diagnosed with hig... more
  • Jolene
    My son Aiden was diagnosed at 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and he will ... more
  • Nicole
    A lot of people don't know that autism hits me very close to home, and to my hea... more
  • Cindy
     I am walking for my son, Rory, who was diagnosed with an ASD at age 3. &nb... more
  • Cohen
     Supporting Bedford Sackville Chapter of Autism more
  • Lenore
    For our son John and all others who are affected by Autism.  more
  • Shelley
     I am walking because I have a cousin who has Autism. He is a sweet loving ... more
  • Sierra
     I am walking for my brother, Rory. more

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